I want to serve God willingly today. I’m not prepared to do anything for You. I’ve gotten lazy, focused on other things and mislaid my time with God. They are good thing I’m doing: caring for my family, church commitment and work.

I didn’t set aside time though; to be filled by God’s Word. By the middle of my day, I realized things weren’t going so well. I lost my temper, fell into confusion, and just felt inadequate to accomplish anything. I was running my own race. I’ve realized I can’t do anything well without God’s help. Forgive me, Lord, for my pride once again.

It takes time to prepare for a Sunday service and everyday can be a day of worship. Lord, grant me wisdom to put aside time daily and spend it with You. Perhaps, this is the first way I can serve you; before everything else happens in my day. I will prepare time, plan on it, and seek the greatest counsel I can get; by studying Your Word. I want to serve You.


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